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February 16 2017


Learn the truth about videochat

Learn the truth about videochat


From the very beginnings of this industry, people have started to talk about it and a lot of fake information was released to the public; angajari videochat bucuresti and because of that, a lot of girls that wanted to work in the field gave up, thinking that it might just be true.


Well, let me tell you the real truth. Being a videochat model is a job just like any other job in the world. In the following article, I am going to tell you more about the myths that I heard of regarding this industry.


It is illegal.


Every videochat model works based on a legal contract with a Studio! It’s just like getting hired at a boring job, only that this is fun and you make lots f money… So the Studio will pay for your health insurance and so on… No need to worry in that regard!


Being a model means being a prostitute.


Only a stupid person can believe this. A prostitute is a girl that sleeps with other people for money. Working in a Studio Videochat Bucharest means having access to a worldwide platform, access to training and last but not least, it does not require any kind of intercourse with your clients. There are a lot of girls that are getting paid only to discuss with their clients.


The working schedule is difficult.


Again, not true… A model can opt for either a part-time or a full-time job. It is all up to them… Of course, with more work comes more money; but what is important is that no one tells you how much you need to stay there. I actually know a lot of girls that are working and attending university classes at the same time, and they still have time for their own.


The income isn’t that high


That can be partially true. Just as in any other job, if you do not invest time in growing your skills, it won’t pay off. No one said that working in a Videochat Studio would make you rich overnight without any effort. But this is possible with a bit of work. video3l3chat/learn-the-truth-about-videochat-d45c5db980da#.m9c9ija51">angajari videochat bucuresti I know girls that managed to open their own businesses after working as a model for a couple of years and are now living the perfect life.


So, if you want to get a job in this industry, you can now rest assured. People that have nothing to do with this business will continue to say that it’s immoral or illegal or God know what. As long as you know better and as long as you make a good living out of working in a Videochat Studio, why should you care? I know I don’t care about what they say…


But hey, it’s all up to you! You are the one building your own future!

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